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Data driven Transport, shipping and logistics

  • TSL is always under the pressure of increasing cost efficiency and continuous improvement in terms of:
    • comprehensiveness of the services provided,
    • punctuality & delivery time reliability of the services provided,
    • individualization of the approach,
    • control of the entire value chain.
  • Data analytics helps to measure efficiency and improve processes based on insights.

Data warehouse implementation

Design data warehouses and ETL processes, supplying warehouses from existing transactional systems. Automate selected processes in the financial area.

Optimization of the traffic of drivers and parcel deliverers

Develop ML models of selected issues in the area of optimizing the work of drivers delivering shipments. Analyze and increase work efficiency. Build a strong foundation for managing your entire company based on data and Business Intelligence.

Realtime analytics

TSL effectiveness requires near-to-real-time reporting to create and update forecasts and take immediate decisions.

This creates an additional level of complexity for data architecture and analytics systems.


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