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Effective media planning in MEDIA HOUSES

  • Media Houses, Marketing Agencies, Advertising companies are dealing with a variety of dynamically changing data sources  
  • They also run multiple projects for many customers in parallel through many ad channels at the same time
  • All of that brings complexity which could be manageable with properly prepared technology and data architecture 

Dedicated apps to optimize media planning processes

We provide dedicated solutions for media agencies of any size to replace outdated Excel-based tools with a modern web application to make media planning processes more efficient. Scenarios planning, simulators, optimizers, multi channel media plans management and analytics, and more.

Machine Learning algorithms to discover Customer Journeys

Utilize Machine Learning algorithms to locate touchpoints with your customers based on their real actions. Take full advantage of behavioral analytics by constructing live reports in cloud environment. Make better informed decisions by predicting the size of your opportunities.

Analyze and optimize your campaigns

Analyse effectively all possible dimensions of you campaigns based on data from various advertising channels. Build automated processes to measure your KPI's in real time and take proper actions immediately.


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