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E-commerce and retail


  • How to build a single source of truth and be able to take right decisions based on online and first party data?
  • How to effectively use granular Google Analytics 4 or Mobile Application backend data?
  • How to measure profitability, manage promotions, pricing, cross selling? 
  • How to make segmentation and advanced profiling of customers and address online + offline strategy properly?

Use Machine Learning to learn your customer journeys and patterns of behaviours

Build, optimize and deploy Machine Learning models to create segmentations, predictions, and recommendations based on user level data.

Modern Data Warehouse

Build a single source of user truth in your data warehouse based on online (GA, Mobile App, Marketing Automation, e-commerce backed) and first party data (crm, erp, logistics) Analyse your KPI through the whole life cycle of your customers and products. Work avoiding information silos.

IT architecture and UX analytics

Monitor application performance of e-commerce infrastructure and applications. Build modern data architecture and analize user experience based on software and infrastructure monitoring.


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