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  • Telecom operators are veterans of data analytics, but it also comes with legacy challenges related to older implemented technologies.
  • New business challenges require new scalable and flexible solutions
  • Data architecture migration is a challenging task but brings a lot of value.  

Migrate to the modern data stack

Secure, trusted and automated data architecture for faster and more accurate business value delivery. Transparent, open and easy to understand data environment available to all members of the organization. Build your modern data warehouse in cloud.

Churn analysis of service subscribers

Capture the relationship between the quality of the network and the tendency of subscribers to churn. Predict which subscribers are likely to churn due to technical problems, failures and faults, and unsatisfactory service quality. Invest consciously and take retention actions.

Data monetization

The possibilities of data monetization based on the analytics of user behavior is an interesting direction of monetization for service providers looking for new sources of revenue. This is possible with a careful approach to privacy and regulations.


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