Your Data Team as a Service

When you work with us, you get a complete, competent and professional team dealing with your data.

Working with data requires many competences: 

 data engineering, programming  IT architecture  analytics  data science  business intelligence  business consulting

It is difficult to accumulate all these skills in your team, both because of the availability of staff, number of people needed and because of the high labor costs of data specialists. Also, the analytical needs are not always constant, and there is no possibility of frequent changes when building a team by yourself. 

When you hire our Data Team as a Service you have access to a team of professionals, paying only for the time they spend on specific tasks. You also benefit from the experience that we build every day by working with companies from many industries and from many places around the world.  

Data Team as Service is not Body Leasing.We select the team members necessary to perform the tasks and we manage their work in order to carry out the tasks set and achieve the goal. You focus on goals and the planned result, and we do what we know the best: we work with the data end to end at all stages of the process.   

It’s a bit like with cloud services, you can use our resource in Pay As You Go model and you use us when it is most needed, and what is also important, you can start right away. 

Kamil Ciukszo – CEO

Your benefits when working with 'Data Team as a Service'

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We will take care of your data

end to end


◉ consulting

◉ project management

◉ IT architecture

◉ system integration

◉ data engineering

◉ data analytics

◉ data science

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Time & money

You will pay for effective time

of our work - not readiness

Time & money

◉ you pay only for the tasks we carry out for you

◉ you do not finance our holidays, training time

◉ you use it when ready without a lengthy recruitment and team building process

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We do not sell technology to you

- we use it to achieve your goals


◉ we do not sell you technology, promising that it will solve your problems

◉ working on many cloud and on-premise technologies, we achieve your goals

◉ we help you choose solutions that match your needs

◉ or we adapt to the existing technology stack, e.g. corporate IT architecture

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You benefit from our experience

in various projects


◉ we work for various industries, incl. e-commerce, retail, production, gaming and mobile applications, media, advertising, energy, transport and logistics, B2C services and many more

◉ we work in Poland and abroad, incl. in the UK, USA and Australia

◉ our experience allows you to be up to date with news and avoid mistakes

* real-life example of the involvement of various roles, requiring different people with different competences in a data project: consulting and IT architecture at the beginning, then data engineering, then analytics and BI, and then data science, and again a data engineering and BI.  

You can achieve with us



Consulting, trainings, data IT architecture

  • build you data roadmap and plan your way to data driven company
  • design your data architecture
  • develop data analytics skills of your team

Turn your data into value

Use your data

Data analytics, engineering & science

  • make reports and analyzes, implement BI systems
  • implement data warehouse, data lake, big data analytics platforms 
  • automate loading, refreshing and data transformation processes from any sources (ETL)
  • develop advanced cross-sectional analyzes 
  • create machine learning models

Scale, automate


Technology, solutions

  • we are technologically neutral and work on many solutions, including: 

  • Cloud: Google, Azure, AWS
  • Snowflake, Vertica,
  • Presto, Spark
  • PowerBI, Looker, Tableau, DataStudio,
  • SQL, Python, R
  • AppDynamics


  • we treat technology as a tool to achieve business goals

Models of cooperation




fixed price


monthly budget

agreed, specific scope of work - valuation - order

estimation of subsequent tasks - acceptance

number or range of hours in the month

implementation - acceptance of works

task implementation - acceptance

implementation of tasks, support and established duties

settlement at the end of the project

billing of completed tasks every month

monthly subscription

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