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Data Challenges of gaming studios & publishers

How to build a single source of truth and be able to take right decisions?

Online data platforms usually  shows only partial information, and you can never be sure what is really correct.

Having multiple data sources and tools with different data takes time to reconcile facts.

All of this does not help in running a data-driven business.

Measure properly UA activities and app KPIs

Build fully customised dashboards with the required level of granularity:

date, country, UA network, campaign, creative, operating system, app version and required KPIs (e.g. ROAS, ARPDAU, ARPU, LTV, cash flows, CPI, eCPI, IMP DAU, Retention, in app purchase )

Know your users and their behaviour

Understand and measure your players behaviour.

Behavioural analysis of users tailored to the characteristics of the application (e.g. monitoring player activity, resources, levels achieved, virtual economy management, etc.)

Make business management effective

Use data from different sources. Use your own data platform, be owner of your data and keep it scalable and effective.

Have access to user level live data, without any lag and build your competitive advantage based on that.


Your Data Team as a Service

We founded to let our customers focus on business outcomes when our team
takes care of the whole end to end data analytics process.

Mobile apps

Otwórz się na dane

Konsulting, szkolenia, architektura IT

Otwórz się na dane

► build you data roadmap and plan your way to become data driven

► design your data architecture

► develop data analytics skills of your team

data science

Użyj swoich danych

Data analytics, engineering & science

Użyj swoich danych

► create reports and analyzes, dashboards, implement BI systems

► implement data warehouse, data lake, big data analytics platforms

► automate loading, refreshing and data transformation processes from any sources (ETL/ELT)

► develop advanced cross-sectional analyzes ► create machine learning models

Use your data

Wyskaluj, zautomatyzuj

Technologie, rozwiązania

Wyskaluj, zautomatyzuj

► we are technologically neutral and work on many solutions, including:  

◉ Cloud: Google, Azure, AWS

◉ Snowflake, Vertica

◉ Presto, Spark

◉ DataStudio, PowerBI, Looker, Tableau 



Create detailed, custom ROAS/ROI/LTV/Retention dashboards special for your business needs. Analyse any specific KPI's related to your business.



Predict LTV, ROAS, churn of your games and take proper action on it.
Understand user behaviour and make detailed segmentation out of it.


(data platform)

Integrate multiple data sources (ad networks, mediation platforms, app back-end and more) to build reliable and trusted source of truth.

Your Data Team As a Service - how it works

Benefits of working with

  • Expertise & support

  • Data dashboards insights, exploration

  • Technology & Tools
  • dedicated professional Data Team consisting of data engineers, data analysts, data scientists covers your data needs end-2-end
  • custom dashboards with any metrics needed, we use user level data when only possible, we integrate data with any data sources to build “one truth” and we help to validate your data across sources so all taken assumptions are transparent
  • your data stays yours - you own your platform (on GCP, Azure or AWS), we help you to create scalable architecture and configure tools but you own it and all IP (Intellectual property) related to created infrastructure , we are not a reseller of any platform - we focus on business goal not specific tool or technology

analytics platforms

  • you use what you have with support focused usually on platform itself not on your specific challenges and needs
  • generic dashboards with limited functionality which “fits all” approach no data validation and data quality assured (data may differ between sources) data range is always limited to what is available at certain platform (usually it is not everything what is needed) no data validation and no transparent definitions (black box approach)
  • usually you have only metadata KPI’s visible and no access to RAW data when you leave you usually lose your data it is difficult or impossible to migrate between different platforms you must use the functionality “as is”
Cooperation models
We support typical cooperation models as: Project based, Time&Material or Subscription.
Find out
Fixed price agreed, specific scope of work implementation - acceptance of works settlement at the end of the project.
Get started
Time & material estimation of subsequent tasks. Task implementation - acceptance billing of completed tasks every month
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Monthly budget, number or range of hours in the month implementation of tasks, established duties, monthly subscription.
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Team Leasing
Monthly budget, dedicated FTE’s full or part time, mid - long term assignment, monthly billing.
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