FunCraft Case Study

FunCraft is a US-based mobile gaming studio managed remotely with a strong team of 20 people.

They specialize in creating friendly word games that evolve into daily rituals, delivering joy and fostering connections for years.

FunCraft is committed to the significant role games can play in people’s lives and prides itself on making games that have a positive impact — a good habit for you.

How to overcome Generic Data Analysis Tools?

When Michael, the CEO of FunCraft, approached us, the company used a Mobile Measurement Partner (MMP) for their web dashboards to monitor campaign performances broadly.

However, this solution was too generic, designed as a one-size-fits-all approach, often leading to a cumbersome user experience.

Firstly, the data visualizations provided by the MMP lacked clarity and were not user-friendly. Adjusting data granularity, for instance, could have been more intuitive, making it challenging for managers to extract necessary KPIs for marketing decisions.

This was also true for Michael himself. His daily routine involved navigating through interfaces to extract essential data for decision-making, which was tedious and inefficient at the time.

Furthermore, the system sometimes faced integration issues and inaccuracies, which raised doubts about the data’s overall reliability.

Enhancing Efficiency and Decision-Making

The primary challenge that FunCraft brought to us was the need for a more efficient and user-friendly data management solution. 

They wanted us to extract data through an API and create custom dashboards that were convenient to use and equipped with appealing visualizations.

The overarching goal for FunCraft was to enable better strategic decision-making at the end of the day through more reliable and transparent data. 

However, a seemingly less significant but equally important goal was simplifying and streamlining their workflow. 

They sought a solution to make their work less time-consuming and frustrating, enhancing overall work satisfaction.

My primary aim has always been to utilize data effectively for strategic decision-making. When I realized that our existing data management system, especially our dashboards, wasn’t meeting our needs, it became clear we needed a partner well-versed in the gaming industry. This led us to choose Alterdata.

-Michael, CEO of FunCraft

Tailoring a User-Friendly Reporting System

The initial stage of our project with FunCraft involved an essential communication phase to understand their specific needs fully. We engaged in detailed discussions with Michael to determine the appropriate filters and KPIs for the dashboard.

Following this, we embarked on what is known as data reconciliation. This process involved comparing all original data sources against FunCraft’s financial data to ensure accuracy and reliability.

Once we verified the integrity of the data, we proceeded to the next crucial phase: transforming the data and constructing the custom dashboard.

Upon completing the dashboard, we scheduled a call with Michael to present our work and gather initial feedback. We promptly addressed immediate concerns and allowed Michael to test the system extensively. 

His subsequent, more detailed feedback was instrumental in refining the dashboard further.

The final phase, often underrated yet vital, was the maintenance of the dashboard. It’s crucial because data sources can occasionally become corrupted, leading to anomalies. 

We have been conducting routine checks and clean-ups ever since to ensure the dashboard consistently reflects accurate and current data.

The Role of the Google Ecosystem

The Google Cloud Platform was the foundation of our data management and analysis strategy. 

We primarily utilized BigQuery, Google’s robust data warehouse, for its advanced analytical capabilities and the ability to handle large-scale data processing efficiently.

Our approach began with sourcing data from the MMP’s API. We used Google Cloud Functions, a serverless platform allowing us to run Python scripts to connect the retrieved data and load it into BigQuery.

Once in BigQuery, we transformed the data to prepare it for further analysis and visualization. We integrated these data sets for Business Intelligence (BI) needs with Looker Studio, a Google tool for advanced data visualization.

In addition to BigQuery, we utilized Firebase as a secondary data source for some reports. Its native integration within the Google ecosystem provided a streamlined and efficient data-handling process.

Lastly, we utilized BigQuery’s Machine Learning capabilities, especially for ROAS predictive analyses.

Continued Partnership and Responsive Support

Our collaboration with FunCraft has significantly developed over the past two and a half years. Initially starting with building a set of dashboards, this project has turned into a long-term partnership.

Whenever FunCraft releases new games or requires extra data analysis, they contact us for additional support and enhancements. 

Our work varies from creating lasting tools to performing specific analyses to address unexpected issues. 

These tasks often involve developing new reports or analytics that FunCraft needs to gain better insights into different business areas.

We consistently ensure that a dedicated analyst is available to meet FunCraft’s changing requirements.

I’ve been impressed with how proactive and communicative Alterdata is. They don’t just answer our questions; they dig in to add more value wherever possible. They’re always thinking one step ahead, suggesting improvements we hadn’t even thought of. That kind of initiative and foresight is something special.”

-Michael, CEO of FunCraft

Results & Key Takeaways

FunCraft received a complete ROAS (Return on Ad Spend) report detailing user life cycle and campaign breakdowns.

This report shows the current status and analyses historical data to forecast the ROI of specific campaigns.

Instead of waiting 120 days for Long-term ROAS predictions, Michael gets initial estimates of D120 ROAS just three days after each cohort install date.

The initially created report is constantly being improved. For instance, we added the ability to predict ROAS for iOS campaigns, considering the limitations in tracking user activity.

We’re continuously working with Michael and his team, ready for new data challenges!

Thanks to these new dashboards, we’re allocating marketing budgets more effectively, understanding user behaviors in-depth, and making smarter business decisions. Alterdata is also there for our ongoing data challenges – I feel confident relying on them in this crucial part of our business, which makes running the company much smoother.

-Michael, CEO of FunCraft

  • Comprehensive ROAS dashboards
  • Detailed reporting
  • ROI predictions
  • Accurate and reliable gaming data
  • Ongoing data support
  • Enhanced decision-making

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FunCraft Case Study

FunCraft is a US-based mobile gaming studio managed remotely with a strong team of 20 people. They specialize in creating friendly word games that evolve


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