An analyst's eye: a practical, subjective review of Big Data analytics solutions

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Nowadays, the availability of technology for large-scale analysis is not a problem. Often, however, the excess of available options makes it difficult to choose the right path for yourself. We use many analytical solutions in our work. Each of them has its own advantages and there is no one right answer to the question which is the best because it just depends on what.


► We will discuss from the analyst’s perspective what is the scaling of big data analytics and what technologies and IT architectures stand behind it.

► We will present solutions:

  • Google Cloud Platform – BigQuery data warehouse
  • Microsoft Azure – Synapse Azure SQL DWH data warehouse
  • Amazon Web Services – distributed query engine Athena – built on the basis of the Presto engine
  • Snowflake – Cloud Data Warehouse
  • Vertica – MPP analytical platform

► For each solution we will show:

  • how can you use it,
  • how it is built and in what IT architecture it works best,
  • what is the billing model,
  • we will perform sample analytical queries on real data.

► Finally, we invite you to attend a live Q&A session.

Kamil Ciukszo - CEO

Co-founder of

Takes an active part in the implementation of analytical solutions and big data as a consultant and trainer.

Supports clients in the use of data in business and digital transformation processes of enterprises.

Marcin Kolenda - Chief Analyst

Co-founder of

Responsible for the work of the analytical and engineering team, conducts training courses in analytics and technology for data analysis.

He supports clients in the field of advanced analytics, data science and IT architecture.

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