We offer regular open trainings and individual trainings for companies. 

We help you learn: 

  • practical applications of analytics with the use of modern analytical tools 
  • how to operate and optimise the IT tools that we offer 
  • practical use of machine learning techniques    

Come and join our seminars!

VERTICA big data analytics

Fundamentals and principles of the platform’s operation 

Platform architecture. Basics, principles of installation, configuration and optimization of clusters of the VERTICA analytical platform.

Data management

  • Introduction to the Projection 
  • Loading data
  • Planning and execution of queries 
  • Optimization of platform operation: Database Designer

 Analytical functions & ML

  • Introduction to analytics
  • Event-Based analytics
  • Timeseries Analytics 
  • Geospatial analysis 
  • Machine Learning 
  • Python, R, C++ extensions

Performance management

  • How to plan and control performance with Resource Manager

google Cloud Platform analytical ecosystem

Data analysis

  • From data to the Google Cloud Platform insights 
  • A cross-section training for analysts showing how to use Google Cloud Platform tools in the consecutive stages of the analytical process from connecting sources, through data preparation, its analysis, visualization and presentation of results and documentation of the analytical process

Data engineering

  • Data engineering on the Google Cloud Platform
  • Practical training and exercises, during which we teach how to create environments for data analysis using Google Cloud Platform tools matched to applications