Design and implementation of solutions

Working with data requires the use of appropriate tools. We help our customers solve efficiency problems, design
and implement solutions for data processing and analysis from scratch: 

  • we implement big data analytics in Google Cloud Platform, 
  • we integrate the MPP analytical data warehouse created for big data - Microfocus VERTICA 
  • we integrate tools with visual analysis - Google Data Studio, Microsoft PowerBI, 
  • we implement APM (Application Performance Monitoring) class solutions - Cisco AppDynamics   
  • we create software.   

build an efficient and scalable architecture for data analysis

Google Cloud Platform analytics



  • full spectrum of analytical tools on the Google Cloud Platform, 
  • the unique serverless architecture enables the user to focus on analytical and business issues and not on the selection of infrastructure parameters and its maintenance


  • maintenance-free, scalable data warehouse 

Cloud Dataflow

  • a unified programming model and fully managed service for transforming and enriching data in real-time streams and batch (historical) modes 


  • an interactive notepad for data exploration, analysis and visualization, in which you can conveniently document the analytical process, execute queries using GCP tools and view their results directly in the notepad 

Data Studio

  • modern and easy to use tool for creating reports, charts, dashboards and ad-hoc visual analysis

Google Cloud Pub/Sub

  • a real-time messaging service that allows you to send and receive messages asynchronously between independent applications 

Google Cloud Dataproc

  • a managed Spark and Hadoop service ideal for easy processing of large datasets using open source tools in the Apache big data ecosystem

analytical data warehouse



  • MPP (massive parallel processing) analytical platform created for Big Data


  • MPP data warehouse linearly scalable to ExaBytes  
  • Sandbox for Data Science and Analytics to work efficiently and quickly on big data without disrupting existing trading systems  
  • real-time analysis for big data: engine for recommendation systems   
  • Machine Learning on a full database with MPP performance 
  • GEOSPATIAL - advanced spatial analysis for efficient and easy to use spatial data analysis  
  • turbo-analytics supporting analysis on data collected in Hadoop systems    

business intelligence




  • modern Business Intelligence system  


  • visual analytics for business users 
  • creation of reports, analyses and dashboards by analysts   
  • sharing prepared analyses and dashboards in teams and outside companies  
  • managing access rights to information


monitoring of applications and infrastructure



  • the platform for an automated, analytical monitoring of applications and IT infrastructure 


  • monitoring of application performance  
  • troubleshooting application operation  
  • monitoring user behavior in the application  
  • the performance of the infrastructure in terms of application performance 
  • monitoring of business parameters

software development



  • we create dedicated software in various technologies customized to the project


  • applications supporting automation of the information flow process
  • applications automating ETL processes
  • programmable APIs
  • web applications