Data analytics for Mobile Gaming and Mobile Apps

Data analytics is not a magic and another buzzword. It is a matter of fact. This is a matter of knowledge, application and experimenting skills. 
You can trust Black Box solutions but real value is when you EXACTLY know WHAT and WHY is happening and you build your metrics with understanding. 

Observe and understand your users: 
  • measure their first impression 
  • measure their retention precisely 
  • understand in detail effectiveness of user acquisition spendings  

Observe and check if you implement things right:
  • check if ads and in app purchases and other actions are popping up as expected
  • understand which users are monetizing and why  

Build your own individual behavioral and demographic segmentation: 
  • maturity of users
  • usage patterns
  • tendency to pay

Experiment with your monetization techniques: 

  • adjust your monetizations streams taking into consideration your users 
  • plan and test your pricing strategy