As part of our consulting services, we provide practical assistance in:

  • understanding the consequences of digital transformation in your environment and plan your company's activities in the world of digital change,
  • recognizing how data affects your business, identifying places you can get the most value and strategic advantage from,
  • finding the weakest links of data or information flow used for running a business,
  • designing a data or information flow process that will enable taking faster or more accurate decisions,
  • changing their products or services and the way they are sold based on the knowledge coming from the data. 

start your digital transition with the help of experts

inspiration workshop



  • building awareness of the owned data and possibilities of their use for business growth or the improvement of operational efficiency 


  • a preparatory meeting online 
  • one-day workshop 
  • discussing selected processes in your company in the context of internal and external data, the effectiveness of data or information flow, the tools available and the extent to which they are adjusted to the business objectives of the company

data discovery

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  • finding additional business value in your data 
  • finding bottlenecks in the flow of data or information 
  • development of concepts for data automation


  • a series of online meetings 
  • an opening workshop  
  • analysis of the effectiveness of the information flow process in your company
  • drawing business conclusions (insights) based on data 
  • the summing up workshop

pricing of products and services based on data 



  • increasing revenues or sales volumes through optimal price selection based on the analysis of customer behaviour 


  • products or services data analysis (e.g. mobile applications and websites)  
  • proposals to optimise the prices of products or services based on the insights coming from the data    

designing of product and service based on data

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  • building a competitive advantage of a product or service based on the insights coming from the data


  • workshop work in order to discuss the nature of the product or service in the context of current and possible future data sources impacting the competitiveness of your offer  
  • developing a concept for the use of data in the design of your products and services 
  • support in obtaining data from external sources: e.g. from mobile operators or IoT (Internet of Things) systems