we turn data into value

our customers: 

  • Photo Resizer
  • Hit The Brick


automation of attribution modeling with ML, DWH & BI

Mobile Gaming Apps

behavioural analytics of users

analytics of mobile apps lifecycle

ML for user patterns predictions

Chatbot services

NLP & ML improvement for BOT communication

Energy provider

Field teams work monitoring and fraud detection


Information flow
for manufacturing planning

CATV provider

Analysis of churn related to network and services quality of CATV provider    

Heating plant

Energy meter analytics
Data Warehouse and BI

RTV retailer

GA360 integration
to DWH and data analytics trainings

Health insurance (gov)

Data Warehouse & BI
Data model for benefits predictions

Fitness benefits provider

Users lifecycle analysis
Fitness/sport objects segmentation

PoS people analytics


Data Warehouse & BI
Geospatial analysis of people moves in POS


Hundreds of people trained in data analytics, engineering and technology