This is who we are

  Data is the fuel of digital transformation.

Digital transformation is changing the world around us, the way of life of ordinary people and the business models of companies and entire industries. Active participation in these changes is a fascinating challenge. We created with the ambition to help companies use the data and knowledge that flows from it and technology to achieve their business goals.


Kamil Ciukszo - CEO 


I have been dealing with advanced technologies for several years. I had the pleasure of implementing innovative solutions in the areas of digital television, broadband and mobile Internet, as well as advanced cloud services. I was one of the creators of the European acceleration program for technology start-ups "Challenge-up", in which Cisco, Intel and Deutsche Telekom joined forces to work together.

In my career I have been involved in sales, business development and the creation of business strategy for companies. I know for a fact how important it is to have the right information to make the right decisions. I also know that modern IT tools are great in supporting your business.  

At I make extensive use of my own experience as a manager and consultant to help our clients find value in data.

I am convinced that proper use of technology can bring tangible business and social benefits.

Marcin Kolenda - CAO


I have been operating in the area of business development and analytics for almost 20 years. I managed projects in retail, manufacturing, telecommunications and business services. I was one of the creators of innovative ICT solutions, such as eTornister or VTS Project. I also worked as a Project Manager in the telecommunications and IT sector.

I am an economist by education, and an analyst and researcher of data by choice. I have a good understanding of business models, finance and market functioning, and at the same time I use analytical tools and programming languages such as SQL, R and Python in practice. With experience in finance, sales and marketing analytics, I can support our clients through a professional analytical process.

At I am responsible for data engineering, analytics, project management and business support for customers. I also ensure our team develops utmost competence and quality.

Working with data? My pleasure.

The company and our team is a team of data experts.
We combine business knowledge with programming, IT and analytical skills.skillspng

Are you looking for interesting challenges? Do you want to grow in Data Science and Big Data analytics? Join us.